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BIIGLE is a web service for the efficient and rapid annotation of still images and videos. It was built for marine environmental monitoring and exploration but can be used for any image and video annotation task. Read the paper.


Annotate large image and video collections with an efficient workflow. The annotation tools provide everything you need to perform a multitude of annotation tasks—battle tested by scientists all over the globe.

Annotation tool


Rapidly review and explore thousands of your annotations for quality control or training. The label review grid overview is designed to make the most of human visual perception.

Label review grid overview


Accelerate image annotation with computer vision. Use MAIA or Magic SAM to tackle the ever growing volume of unannotated images in environmental monitoring and exploration.

Machine learning assisted image annotation


Create labels in your own hierarchical classification schemes or import species labels from the World Register of Marine Species. Labels can be edited, versioned and shared in collaboration with other researchers.

Label trees


Explore large gigapixel mosaics from microscopy images to benthic maps right in your browser. The annotation tool works seamlessly and fast with even the largest images.

Gigapixel image

These are only a few of the features of BIIGLE.
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