back URL Parameters

Advanced configuration of the video annotation tool.

Just like with the still image annotation tool, various configuration options of the video annotation tool can be controlled with URL parameters. Take a look at the manual article of the still image annotation tool to learn more about URL parameters and how to use them.

Available parameters

Parameter name Description values
annotationOpacity Opacity of annotations on the image. 0.0 - 1.0
showMinimap Show or hide the minimap. true, false
autoplayDraw The automatic play/pause interval when a new annotation keyframe is drawn. >=0.0
showLabelTooltip Show or hide the label tooltip when you hover over an annotation. true, false
showMousePosition Show or hide the mouse position on the image. true, false
x Set the x position of the center of the viewport. integer
y Set the y position of the center of the viewport. integer
r Set the resolution (zoom) of the viewport. integer
t Set the current time of the video in tens of milliseconds (1=0.01s). integer
The x, y and r parameters are automatically updated as you modify the viewport. The t parameter is updated whenever the current time of the video changes. This allows you to store or send a link to the exact same viewport and time you are currently seeing.